Monday, 9 June 2014

CSI party - Joe's 10th Birthday

Since year dot, we have always held the kid's parties at home, but this year decided to have a party at a venue instead as we felt 10 was maybe a little too old for the usual party games...

We chose to go to CSI 4 a day and Joe had a fab time!  Of course, I had to make a few things... :)

First up I made these fun slides with drops of blood on them

I got the idea from a recipe I found on a free magazine from Tesco where Foxes glacier mints had been melted and then used to make shards of "glass".  I've melted coloured boiled sweets before in Christmas biscuits so thought I would try melting the mints in the oven, rather than in a saucepan as the Tesco recipe suggested.  This meant a bit of faffing about with baking paper to make some rectangular shapes for the mints to melt in, hence why they are not very uniform!  I did try pouring the molten mints on a baking sheet and then cutting them but they just shattered each time!

Here are the mints in the "evidence" bags.

Next up, I made some cake pops for the first (and the last) time.  They are not easy!!  Total respect to those who can do these say I :)  I ended up  carving the shape I wanted once they cake mix had solidified in the fridge!  Anyway, they are supposed to be swabs with gun powder residue (a.k.a coca powder) on the end.

These too were bagged up and their looks were deceptive as they tasted yummy!

The juice cartons had some useful blood spatter information on them.

Test tubes of mini Smarties evidence - I firmly believe you can never have too much cake and sweets at a party.

The sandwich bags had Joe's fingerprints on them with a guide to print patterns on the back and a handy magnifying glass.

Lunch was served in these evidence bags - just plain brown lunch bags from Home Bargains run through the printer - each child had evidence of a different crime!

After the nightmare of the cake pops I kept the birthday cake really simple :)

Just Maisie's party to go and we are done for birthdays this year!

Love Karen x

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